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Properties of water paints

Applied to internal works glutinous, limy, kazeinovye and lateksnye paints allow to receive the necessary colour shade rather easily. It is possible to cover with them quickly surfaces, their initial materials malodefitsitny and are cheap. .

At repair of apartments it is necessary to coat earlier painted surfaces. The plastered walls and ceilings (including panel) are covered basically by a glutinous paint in which natural and vegetative glues are used. In some premises of a surface covered with limy paints, receiving the colours similar to what turn out at colouring by glutinous paints, but these surfaces are less steady to peretirke.

At mixing of glutinous paints on the basis of natural and vegetative glues it is necessary to achieve necessary glutinosity, without damaging thus a paint surface. Gluing properties of a glutinous paint are reliably provided with synthetic glues (the most widespread - KMTS). .

A kind of a surface Similar to glutinous paints give lateksnye paints (they also are glutinous paints on the basis of synthetic glues). In comparison with classical glutinous paints they have good glutinosity and are easily put on a surface.

At a choice of this or that kind of paints it is necessary to start with following reasons.

For mixture of a glutinous paint it is necessary to use preliminary crushed damp chalk, so-called. Cretaceous paste. The chalk delivered in bags, suits, as a last resort, only after sifting, but thus its most part is absolutely unsuitable. .

The Paint for a ceiling is put on a ceiling or manually by a brush, or razbryzgivatelem. These ways of drawing of a paint are expedient for applying only at a complete repair of all premise as with a paint are spoilt both walls, and a floor. The paint flows down as well from the platen, besides the unitary covering is not enough.

Lateksnye of a paint (EVA and ЭК4) unlike glutinous paints, possess considerably the best gluing properties. It is possible to put them on a ceiling the platen almost absolutely purely. The paint from the platen does not drip and walls earlier painted or pasted over with wall-paper remain pure. .

It is necessary to cover furniture Being in a repaired premise with something for protection from small splashes. At colouring lateksnoj a paint the quantity of its layers is less, than at painting by a glutinous paint. The lateksnaja paint dries 2-3 hours, therefore room furnish it is possible to finish for one day. The surface covered with a limy paint, is outwardly similar to a surface covered with a glutinous paint, but unlike last is much less steady against rubbing. Under the influence of a moisture the limy paint hardens and at sufficient humidity the painted layer is considered strong after one week. Actually, hardening process proceeds to exhaust. In dry premises the surface of a limy paint remains long time a little sticky. Therefore it apply to colouring of ceilings, cellars, facades of buildings, staircases, laundries. .

The Surface covered with a paint on a basis kazeinovogo of glue, is more decorative, than painted glutinous or lateksnoj a paint. Its matte colour reminds the invoice of a textile covering. The colourful film is strong, steady against weather and washing. It is applied at external and internal works. Properties and a scope of silicate paints the same, as kazeinovyh paints. The Swedish paint apply to a covering nestroganyh board surfaces (a wall, a roof, fences).

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