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Realization of colour scores

For realisation of the planned colour scores it is possible to use many colour structures of paints which give almost identical definitive colour. The industry makes paints of very wide nomenclature. Release of synthetic paints more and more increasing in last years has essentially affected a choice of finishing materials and technology of painting works. .

Earlier the choice of paints of the various colours used for furnish of buildings, was limited enough and was based on substances of mainly natural (natural) origin (drying oil, mezdrovyj and bone glue, soap, izvest). Structures of paints should be produced in most cases on a place, and it is labour-consuming enough operation. Thus for achievement of necessary gluing ability more thorough preparation of a surface was required and owing to slow drying of paints term of painting works was extended.

Synthetic paints possess good gluing properties and short term of drying that simplifies and accelerates manufacture of painting works, and it in turn is at the bottom of that now for colouring of buildings synthetic paints in most cases use.

Paints are used not only in building, but also in many other branches of a national economy. The modern industry lets out basically ready paints, and their full nomenclature consists from more than thousand structures. .

Decorative registration of a premise shows rather small requirements to mechanical and chemical properties of paints, shades are defining. Therefore for colouring of premises it is possible to use many structures, including made and for other purposes.

And area of their application it is impossible to describe Structures of all made paints, but main principles of interaction of the main components of structures of the paints, stated here, should give the chance to the reader to be guided in ways of application of paints.

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