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Binding for not water paints (a part 2)

Perhlorvinilovye varnishes and enamels HV, PHV are steady against atmospheric influences, in the acid and alkaline environment. It basically paints with which paint metal building designs for their protection against corrosion. They dry up at a room temperature for 2-3 hours, to cover in 3-5 layers. Some hlorvinilovye paints are issued in the form of pastes and are marked by joint venture letters. .

sopolimernye varnishes and enamels HS on properties are close to Vinilhloridnye to materials HV and are steadier against chemical influences, but less atmosferostojki. The maintenance of solids in comparison with Hv-paints is more, therefore the quantity of coat layers can be smaller.

Poliakrilovye varnishes and enamels AK, the EXPERT the high-quality finishing materials, different big atmosferostojkostju.

Rubber enamels KCH - the enamels made of synthetic rubbers. Differ elasticity of a film. Them use basically for a covering of mobile metal designs. They of dark colour, are steady against weather conditions, are applied and to a covering of building designs. .

varnishes Ur - usually is Poliuretanovye binding of two components. Them mix directly ahead of the use. Possess a strong film, in building are used basically as varnishes for a floor covering.

Epoksidnye varnishes EP - also multicomponent binding, mixed before the use. The scope in building is similar to Urs-materials.

Alkidnostirolnye varnishes and enamels MS - possess good covering properties and quickly dry up. Malostojki to atmospheric influences. In building are used as a paint for internal works. .

Polyester varnishes of the PAS, PE - multicomponent binding, basically applied as varnishes. They possess the big mechanical durability, therefore them use for a furniture covering is more often. Dilute with acetone.

Oil varnishes and enamels KF are produced from natural pitches and vegetable oils. For increase atmosferostojkosti in them add synthetic pitches.

Oil varnishes designate numbers 4-8 and letters "ё" (light) or "=" (dark). More often in building oil varnishes 4с and 6с are used; 4с use only for internal works. Varnishes 4с and 6с use for a covering of wooden surfaces and as additives to a pastelike oil paint. .

Spirit varnishes and polish are solutions of natural and synthetic pitches in ethyl spirit. Under the maintenance binding they are divided on spirit varnishes (contain 25-40% of pitches) and polishes (3-25% of pitches). Use for varnishing and polishing of wooden surfaces. Term of drying of one layer - becomes covered 2 hours in 4-5 layers.

All listed binding dry up and harden at a room temperature that gives the chance to use them at furnish of buildings. There are many groups of the paints, binding which dry up only at hot drying (at t ° above 100 °s). Them use for a covering of the equipment and metal surfaces (for example, melaminovoe substance of ML, phenolic FL, silicon - organic TO, etc.). Some of these paints can slowly dry up and at a room temperature, but it needs to be checked up preliminary on each concrete material.

Soil paints are the structures which coupling with a painted surface is better, than at enamels. Soil paints are made of binding substances of enamels, and for increase in coupling with a surface in them vegetable oils are added. The dried up surface of a soil paint rough and matte-dim, enamels well stick to it and shpaklevki. The choice of shades of soil paints is limited, but some of them can be used and for decorative furnish. The soil paint basically is intended for improvement of coupling of finishing paints at a covering of metal surfaces. In building designs the cores are the wooden and plastered surfaces well absorbing in of a liquid. For their first coat it is possible to take oksol or the diluted finishing paint. Under paints which wooden surfaces are issued in the complete set (a soil and enamel paint) it is necessary to ground preliminary drying oil.

Soil paints produce from all synthetic binding, however more often for this purpose use gliftalevye the binding. For ogruntovki the wooden and plastered surfaces (except floors) under oil and enamel paints glue VA or 50%-s' water solution emulsionnoj paints recently is widely used. .

Shpaklevki - on structure is soil paints, the solid maintenance (napolnitelja) in which much more, than in paints. Them produce basically for motor industry. In building them apply for shpaklevki floors, since. shpaklevki are made from qualitative melkopomolotogo napolnitelja and on mechanical properties they are stronger melovokleevoj shpaklevki. SHpaklevku it is possible to prepare and most, using for this purpose any enamel or a varnish applied as finishing paints if to them to add fine crushing exicipients, for example, a chalk.

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