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Tools and adaptations (a part 4)

a Fig. 7

a Fig. 7

Instead of painting - kraskopulta it is possible to use successfully the garden hydropanel and kraskopultami other kinds. In a smaller measure it is possible to put water paints on a surface a vacuum cleaner nozzle-razbryzgivatelem (rice 7). For this purpose the vacuum cleaner has a corresponding additional device. The vacuum cleaner Nozzle-razbryzgivatelem is expedient for using at varnishing and a covering of furniture varnishes, enamels and the paints diluted to a necessary consistence. And whitewashing of ceilings it is possible to apply a vacuum cleaner nozzle-razbryzgivatel to dispersion of glutinous paints only at presence tonkomolotogo the high-quality sifted chalk or pigments. The length of a soaking up tube of a nozzle-razbryzgivatelja is calculated on application of a usual half-one-litre jar (fig. 7. At whitewashing of ceilings it is more expedient to apply one-litre jars, extending soaking up tube to the bottom banks (fig. 7,). .


a Fig. 8

a Fig. 8. Colouring by a pistol-spray:
and rubbish, - a pistol-spray.

¤шё=юых=-ъЁрёъюЁрёя№ыш=хыі. The Pistol-spray can be used at colouring of surfaces oil, nitro - synthetic and other not water paints, enamels and varnishes. Quickly drying both viscous nitro- and pitch paints it is possible to put some on a surface only a pistol. .

The Scheme of colouring of a wall is shown by a pistol-spray in drawing 8. Compressed air from the compressor moves on a hose in a pistol where, adjoining to a paint moving from banks, sprays it in the form of the smallest drops on a painted surface. .

Podmosti . At colouring of ceilings and the top parts of walls are applied podmosti. In premises in height to 3 m it is expedient to apply so-called. podmosti on goats (fig. 9, and in higher premises - step-ladders (fig. 9,). The flooring height podmosti, and also a goat depends on height of a finished premise. Depending on growth of the worker the flooring should be below a ceiling on 170-180 see .

If premise height, for example, 2,8 m the height of a trestle should be 1,0-1,1 m.

fig. 9

a Fig. 9

The Flooring podmosti, leaning against goats, is produced from boards in the thickness of 2,5 sm in the form of guards in width of 50-70 sm (distance between laths of 70 sm). The recommended length of guards of 2,0-2,5 m, as application of longer guards in small premises inconveniently. The ends of guards should not support goats more than 15 see If instead of guards to apply separate boards, they should be in the thickness 4-5 see .

In drawing 9, and the flooring in width 140 is represented see In small premises it is possible to use and narrower floorings. Thus the length of a trestle should be 80 see At repair of higher premises flooring guards lean against a step-ladder. Flooring guards are produced from boards in the thickness of 4-5 sm and length to 4 m. As to work on enough narrow boards established on ladders, it is dangerous, it is possible to replace ladders high (to 2,5 goats. On a course of work goats and ladders are rearranged.

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