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the Varnished floor

If the floor will be varnished, it not shpakljuetsja and is not painted, therefore the device of such floors has some features in comparison with nastilkoj usual floors. .

The Floor is arranged from usual shpuntovannyh the sexual boards, which normal thickness of 29 or 37 mm and width no more than 10 sm (fig. 37). Boards should be dry, their humidity should not exceed 10%. If to arrange a floor from crude boards, in due course between them cracks which it is necessary often shpaklevat are formed. Wider boards can be used, if they are sawed from dry wood. In this case they can be in the width 20 30 Boards see can be with knots or without them; the floor with knots is more difficult for grinding. .

The Distance between logs should not be more than 70 see If boards more thin (29 or 32 mm), logs it is necessary to establish on distance of 55-60 sm from each other.

a Fig. 37. A way of fastening of a floor to logs.

a Fig. 37. A way of fastening of a floor to logs.

As on varnished heads of nails or their traces should not be visible to a floor, boards are beaten to logs in shpunt obliquely at an angle 50 ° (fig. 37). Each board is nailed up to everyone a log in length 7-8 see In avoidance rastreskivanija board edges, the thickness of nails should be 2,5-3,0 mm. .

floor Furnish . It is good-quality the arranged floor is equal and shlifovannyj a floor. The big roughnesses leave a plane or parketostrogalnoj by car. Then the floor is levelled by a sting for gluing and ground by a skin. Knots it is possible sostrogat only an unary plane, since. At usual planing round a knot roughnesses are formed. As small roughnesses on a floor surface all the same remain, they need to be made even to a surface repeated varnishing, i.e. Filling of deepenings and roughnesses a varnish.

After grinding and cautious clearing of a surface the floor is grounded by a warm light nitrovarnish. In half an hour it is possible to put the first varnish coat. The floor is varnished three times with 16-one hour's intervals. .

The Most suitable to a floor are pentaftalevye varnishes. From them most iznosoustojchivoe the covering is given by pitch varnishes which mix up from pitch and a hardener.

On sale there are various varnishes for a floor. Ways of their application are specified in applied instructions. .

From pitch varnishes rather strong УР-293 and УР-294. Their film colourless and strong. According to their instruction it is necessary to plant butilatsetatom or a complex thinner № 189. In their practice plant with thinner СР-2.

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