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Varnishes and polishes

Varnishes ПФ-283 and ГФ-168 are connections alkidnyh pitches and natural oils. Are used for a covering of parquet floors and, according to marks, for a covering of internal and external surfaces. Dilute with turpentine, solventom a mix of solvents and gasoline in the ratio 1:1, it is possible to use solvent СР-2. .

Term of drying ПФ-283 till 36 o'clock, ГФ-166 - till 48 o'clock. Varnishes ПФ-170 and ПФ-171 use for a covering of external surfaces and add to alkidnym to paints for improvement of their shine. Technical properties are similar to the previous varnish groups. Varnishes МЛ-248 use for parquet varnishing. .

It is a two-componental material; before the use add 8 g a fixer (a solution of hydrochloric acid and butanola) on 100 g a varnish. At a room temperature the varnish dries 3 hours. Dilute with complex solvents № 649 and СР-2. On a surface put a brush to 3 layers. .

Nitrovarnishes are transparent, quick-drying varnishes, are applied to furniture varnishing. For varnishing of a floor they do not approach. Make varnishes of following marks: НЦ-218; НЦ-221; НЦ-222; NTS-223 НЦ-224; НЦ-228 and НЦ-243 (opaque). And НЦ-228 it is possible to put varnishes НЦ-218 on a surface a brush or a spray, the others only a spray. Dilute with solvents № 646, 647 and РЛМ-218. Term of drying till 2 o'clock. .

Polish - a solution of a small amount of pitch (shellac) in technical spirit. It is put by a tampon on surface preliminary covered with a nitrovarnish. After polishing the strong, brilliant surface is formed. .

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