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Obojnye of work (a part 3)

The Latest work at gluing of wall-paper is the border label. The border is cut on pieces in length of 1,5 m and pasted by dense paste on an upper edge of wall-paper. Instead of a paper border it is possible to use wooden rejki. .

As removal and the subsequent installation of plinths and platbands of windows and doors demands special tools and ability, at obojnyh paботах them usually do not delete. Usually bottom ends of panels of wall-paper are pasted on a plinth upper edge, and the parts adjoining platbands, - To platband edges. Here would be more correct precisely to cut off wall-paper along the edges of a plinth and platbands. Pasted wall-paper cannot to allow dry up quickly.

Gluing linkrusta . Linkrustom high-quality wall-paper with the pressed pattern covered with an oil paint is called. The length of a roll linkrusta makes 12 m, width - 0,5; 0,6 both 0,75 m and a thickness of 0,6-1,2 mm. .

Grades linkrusta a little. At gluing it is necessary to know, whether it is provided given linkrust for gluing in a dry or wet kind. As linkrust it is possible to wash, at furnish of walls it is applied basically there where it is necessary to be afraid of strong pollution (a lobby and kitchen wall etc.).

On the surfaces covered linkrustom, the plaster coat is corrected, roughnesses are levelled and closed up glutinous shpaklevkoj. .

Paste for gluing linkrusta prepares under following recipes:) 3 kg rye or wheat flour, 2 l 10%-s' solutions mezdrovogo or bone glue, 50 g alum and to 10 l of water; 80% karboksimetilovogo cellulose glue KMTS and 20% polivinilatsetatnoj emulsii PVAE.

At application linkrusta dry gluing, the underside of a panel and a corresponding part of a wall become covered by paste. The panels covered with paste leave to lie for 10 minutes. Then them paste, and air which has remained under a panel delete through edges of wall-paper priglazhivaniem a rag. .

At application linkrusta the wet gluing, the panels cut on the demanded length preliminary namachivajutsja within 5-10 minutes in hot water (50-60 °). Then the developed damp panels are put by a face sheet upwards at 8-10 o'clock on a floor, and water collecting on a surface is wiped by a dry pure rag. After that on a metal ruler both edges damp bulked up linkrusta are cut off. A wall surface preliminary ogruntovyvaetsja 15%.

fig. 14

a Fig. 14

a Fig. 15. Cliches: and - a direct cliche: - return trafaretnym and before definitive drying of the last on a wall is pasted by a glutinous solution covered with paste linkrust.

a Fig. 15. Cliches:
And - a direct cliche: - return trafaretnym and before definitive drying of the last on a wall is pasted by a glutinous solution covered with paste linkrust.

If mix KMTS is applied to gluing and PVAE, a surface preliminary ogruntovyvaetsja by solution KMTS, instead of mezdrovym or bone glue. .

Before gluing linkrusta it is necessary to remove platbands and plinths. Panels linkrusta are pasted in a joint, instead of vnahlestku. linkrusta it is recommended to cover the top end wooden rejkoj a simple profile in width about 2 see

After gluing linkrusta it is necessary to avoid fast and intensive airing of a premise.

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