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Obojnye of work

Wall-paper . Usual width of wall-paper of 50 sm and length of 6,7 12 m. Are issued also wall-paper in width of 60 both 75 sm and length 30-50 m.

Quality of wall-paper is defined by a pattern, a grade of a paper and processing. Quality of a paper is defined in the basic its weight and density. For example, the weight of a paper of low-grade wall-paper averages 40 80 g/m 2 , medium-grade - 80-120 g/m 2 and high-grade - 150-200 g/m 2 . .

Preparation of surfaces under wall-paper . On the new plastered surface it is possible to start a label of wall-paper only after definitive drying of plaster. If the upper edge of wall-paper reaches eaves the first spadework is otbivanie a cord (mark) of the top border of the surface going under wall-paper.

After that all apertures and rents in the wall are closed up by the putty prepared from plaster and a chalk. The surface to the strip noted by a cord is wiped by a piece of wood or metal shpatelem. Then the plastered surface is grounded by glutinous water or a mix of paste and glue which are put on a surface maklovitsej or the big brush. .

From walls, before pasted over with wall-paper, the lagged behind pieces of wall-paper leave. After that plaster on these places becomes covered by 15-20%-s' glutinous water or a paste and glue mix. After surface drying on uncovered place wall-paper pastes paper for recycling.

If it is necessary to cover with wall-paper also the top part of a wall which has been whitewashed earlier by a chalk the whitewashing layer should be wetted cool water and to scratch out shpatelem. Then a surface smoothly oshpaklevyvajut and after drying cover oksolem or 10%-s' glutinous water. Wall-paper pasted on an old glutinous paint or whitewashing, lags behind further.

If wall-paper does not reach a ceiling usually the upper edge of wall-paper together with a border lags behind the basis. It is caused basically by whitewashing of the top part of a wall from which wall-paper comes unstuck. In order to avoid it it is necessary the whitewashed part of a wall which are below a strip, beaten off by a cord, ogruntovat drying oil (oksolju) and after ground drying to cover with 15%-s' glutinous solution. .

Directly ahead of gluing of wall-paper corners of a premise, a side of plinths and platbands of windows and doors, and also a surface on which the border is pasted, it is necessary to cover with paste.

If the wall has been earlier covered by a limy paint, it is necessary to scratch out an exfoliating paint a metal brush and before paper for recycling gluing to cover a surface oksolem or 10%-s' glutinous water.

On wooden walls as a result deposits or wall shrinkages, old wall-paper happen rough and wavy. From such wall wall-paper should be removed together with a cardboard.

After that walls become covered by a new cardboard. From a cardboard are cut out the necessary length of a panel on which with a brush splashes a few waters. Then each panel turn off in a separate roll. .

In a corner of a room several nails beat the moistened strips of a cardboard in width in 10 the Edge of the first cloth of a cardboard see is pasted by dense paste on an angular strip and beaten from above and from below by several nails. The five-centimetric edge of each subsequent cloth is smeared with dense paste and nestles on edge of the previous cloth. Edges of cloths can be fixed in addition the several nails which heads become covered by paper for recycling strips, then plinths are established.

After drying the cardboard sits down a little, and its surface becomes absolutely smooth. On a dry cardboard wall-paper is pasted.

The Paste necessary for drawing on the plastered surface and gluing of paper for recycling, prepare in the next way: to 10 litres of flour paste 1 litre 10%-s' solutions of joiner's glue is added. To the paste provided for gluing of wall-paper, joiner's glue is not added, as it can filter through wall-paper. .

paper for recycling Gluing . For reception of a smooth surface, and also for stronger coupling of wall-paper with a wall on the plastered surface the paper for recycling layer is pasted. At gluing of paper for recycling the pack of sheets of paper is put on a table, each sheet becomes covered by liquid paste and is pasted on dry plaster vnahlestku, and then carefully nestles a brush.

The Best glue for paper for recycling gluing is flour paste with the additive of joiner's glue. It is possible to use also starched paste with addition of joiner's glue.

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